Getting Started with Schedules4Team

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Quick Start:

Step 1. Create Group (on Manager's PC)

  1. Click the Schedules4Team icon  or open Schedules4Team folder in Outlook Personal Folders List.

  2. Click the Groups icon  on the Grid View toolbar.

  3. Create new Group by clicking the “Add” button in the Groups Manager dialog. In the Group Name dialog, enter the name of a newly created Group and click "OK".


Step 2. Add Group Members, define the Members' roles, sharing status, and synchronize Calendars

  1. Select the Group from the list in Groups Manager dialog and click the "Members" button to initiate adding new Members to the selected Group.

  2. Add Group Members by clicking the "Add" button in the Group Members dialog. Select Members from the Select Contacts dialog and click "Next >". You can change the Members’ roles in Group Members dialog.

  1. Click Synchronize" on the Schedules4Team toolbar.

  2. Click “Send/Receive” on the standard Outlook toolbar or F9 on the keyboard of your PC.  An Invitation will be sent to the added Group Members.

Note: You will not be able to change the Role of new Members after closing the Members dialog until they accept your invitation to join the Group.


Step 3. Synchronize Calendars on the other Members’ workstations

  1. Click “Send/Receive” on the standard Outlook toolbar and accept the invitation to join the Group. Click F9 again.

  2. Click F9 on the Group Manager's workstation.

  3. Check the Schedules4Team folder. All shared Calendar information and Group Members should appear in the Group Members List.


You are all set to start using the program in your teamwork!


Note: You can also add Members who do not have e-mail addresses, or you are not going to share your Group activities (appointments, meetings) with them by e-mail. Simply uncheck the "Share" checkbox under selected members in the Members dialog.


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